I too am using a plain old text editor for PHP (Notepad), but I did enjoy
the environment of Interdev for ASP...

I think by far the best feature most development tools have to offer is the
syntax highlighting, I like seeing comments in green/grey, with the plain
text and vars in black, and a lot of the other syntax in red (with other
colors for some things obviously).  All in all, it's just the way it makes
my code look that makes me like them a little bit more than normal text
editors.  I don't use the tools in any of those to create my pages, I code
everything myself (I like to code things, including the forms ... even if
they do get annoying sometimes).

Oh ya, in most development toolsets when you start typing functions and
stuff it will bring up a little drop down box (without stopping you from
going on typing) with functions and variables starting with what you're
typing.  It's just nice.

"Uwe Birkenhain" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I think that - on windows - nothing is better than textpad
> (www.textpad.com).
> Simply the best editor the world has seen so far!
> What makes development tools better than a good editor? (serious question)
> Uwe

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