On 10 Jul 2002 at 18:07, Uwe Birkenhain wrote:

> I think that - on windows - nothing is better than textpad
> (www.textpad.com).
> Simply the best editor the world has seen so far!
> What makes development tools better than a good editor? (serious
> question)

Well let me get my 2 cents in. It's a religious question. But oh 
well.  I recently had a lot of trouble with someone at work about 
this, so I'm gonna rant.

I too use TextPad and have been since I'm too lazy to get really good 
at vi or emacs. I also know and use Perl extensively as a code 
generator. Someone talked about the work in creating a form, just 
give me the keys and boom form is done and read to be handed to the 
designers to ruin in their special way.  You could use Ruby or Rebol 
or even Python I guess or PHP on the command line but I can't imagine 
anyting being faster than a Perl script (to write).

I keep trying these IDE tools. I type about 70+ wpm, so you can 
imagine I'm not a fan of my hand speding half it's time in the air 
between keyboard and mouse. I also try never to repeat the same code 
twice so I don't cut and paste ... I put common functions in modules 
and use them but few IDEs that I've used easily allow me to use those 
or I haven't seen how. If anyone wants to create a great IDE for Perl 
I'd love to help. It should work for PHP as well.

I also separate my programming from my view and since I'm a 
programmer and not a designer the visual view is not paramount to me 
and can always be done later or at the same time by me or someone 
else. I have a feeling that most PHP programmers also do their own 
design and that's a reason for so much PHP stuff to have html strewn 
all over the place.  In any case I always think in terms of a theme 
and since I've got most of my html code abstracted into "boxes" it's 
just a question of my program to manipulate and supply the proper 
data to the template.

So for me, the best development tools are:

1. Imagination
2. Knowledge of your tools (language, PHP, HTML, CSS, etc. in this 
3. Knowledge of the computer and it's potential (I use NT as desktop 
but have cygwin and use unix command tools and lots and lots of perl 
scripts to aid 
in development)

4. A good text editor (there are lots, they all have macros, revision 
control, keyboard commands for as much as possible).

Personally, I've never worked with a programmer who taught me 
anything who used Dreamweaver or FrontPage etc ... all the good ones 
I know use vi, emacs, textpad, etc.  I'd suggest using a text editor 
and then moving to an IDE or more advanced GUI and knowing that it is 
faster for you as opposed to starting with an IDE or GUI because 
you'll probably end up like most people and begin to think 
possiblities are what your tool allows you.

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