OK, perhaps I am being a bit fanciful here, imagining a plethora of
independent scripts running SDO in a hosted environment. But there is
a potential data integrity problem if we allow a cache key to be
overwritten in flight. I'm worried about the proposed interface.

On Apr 3, 4:12 pm, "Matthew Peters" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Of course you have worried me now. If the keys are chosen poorly - for
> example every call chooses key "my_first_key" or suchlike - then that
> is a recipe for disaster. The key needs to correspond to the set of
> types that are loaded into that DAS: the keys must be chosen so that
> if the model is different, so is the key. I can't enforce that, of
> course, all I can do is use it that way throughout the SCA code.

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