On 23 Apr, 14:06, Matthew Peters <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> You'll see I made this list into a page, wiki-style, that we can
> collaborate on and keep up to date.
> Matthew
> On Apr 23, 9:08 am, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > It's been a bit quite in PHP SCA land of late but we have quite a lot
> > of new code now in the branch so I propose we start thinking about
> > getting a release out fairly soon. Looking at the code we now have
> > (and some of the holes :-) I think the release should include the
> > following:
> > Pluggable bindings support
> > Refactored bindings based on this
> >   jsonrpc
> >   local (php to php binding)
> >   restpc (RPC based on HTTP GET or POST)
> >   soap (SOAP web services)
> >   xmlrpc
> >   I note there is a binding called rss. Is that ready to go?
> > Latest drop of SDO code from Tuscany including
> >   Performance enahncements
> >   Memory leak inprovements
> > Bug fixes
> >   There are a few things that have been raised on the list that I need
> > to go take a look at. What are the buring
> >   issues we need to include?
> > Docs and Tests for the bindings
> >   In particular I note that I haven't checked in docs and tests for
> > jsonrpc and restrpc which I must do
> >   I propose we prototype the module docs up on the wiki in the first
> > instance. Does this make sense.
> > Pacakging
> >   From a recent mail we also need to make sure the depency statement
> > on the package is correct
> > Anyone have any thoughts about other content we should include.
> > Regards
> > Simon

Taking Matthew's lead I've copied the list of build instructions up to
a page on this group [1] so that if you decide to go through the pain
feel free fix any mistakes I've made. Assuming we get a reasonably
accurate descrition we can put it up on the web site.



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