On Apr 24, 12:44 pm, Rob <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Are you sure about this? I think you can use PECL tags that pecl4win
> can use to build against specific PHP versions (i.e. PECL_5_1), so
> when you grab the dll for a specific version of PHP you will get the
> one built against a specific branch. I had a similar question not too
> long ago and was told it was possible, though would have to double
> check with either Edin or Pierre as those two seem to be up to speed
> on this.

Yes, I am sure - I've personally discussed this with Edin. He only
takes the code from HEAD into the pecl4win builds. Any cvs tags are
simply ignored. You  can only control what goes into the build for a
particular PHP version using the PHP_MAJOR_VERSION and
PHP_MINOR_VERSION preprocessor variables to slice the code.

I'm told there is a requirement on a pecl4win wish list somewhere to
support the tags you mention in the same way as the main php builds.

An alternative is that I think there is some support in the most up-to-
date PEAR packager for including Windows dlls in binary subpackages.
If we made time to get this working, then it should be possible to
create a set of subpackages (depending on the target PHP version and
whether or not it's threaded) containing Windows binaries
corresponding to the  source package. Then people choosing to install
a release would get their Windows binary  along with the rest of the
package, and wouldn't have to go somewhere else for it.

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