Matthew Peters wrote:
> I think we should revisit this decision about working in a branch - I
> think we have it the wrong way around. I think it would be more useful
> if we developed in HEAD so that people automatically got the latest
> dll, and the special case - the hard one - would be if people wanted
> only the version that went out with the release. We could preserve the
> dll that went with the release here on the phpsoa site.

Matthew, you've probably forgotten the reason it's done this way - the 
automated build system for Windows extensions (pecl4win) can only work 
by taking the code in HEAD. It ignores all tags and branches.

Therefore if the latest code for the SDO extension went into HEAD, then 
the downloadable dll would be automatically updated with code that had 
not been generally verified or documented.

This does make the setup less than ideal, but given the position, I 
think it's right that the burden should be on the developers rather than 
  making things confusing for the users. (Also I don't know why Simon 
claims that doing the merge is very difficult - I've always done this 
for previous releases, and it's only a problem when there are major 
changes to the directory structure, otherwise it's quite simple if you 
have appropriate tools.)

If anyone feels like fixing this, then IMHO they should be spending 
their time working on the pecl4win tooling to support tagging and thus 
benefiting the whole  pecl community.

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