On 23 Apr, 10:21, Caroline Maynard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Matthew, you've probably forgotten the reason it's done this way - the
> automated build system for Windows extensions (pecl4win) can only work
> by taking the code in HEAD. It ignores all tags and branches.

Are you sure about this? I think you can use PECL tags that pecl4win
can use to build against specific PHP versions (i.e. PECL_5_1), so
when you grab the dll for a specific version of PHP you will get the
one built against a specific branch. I had a similar question not too
long ago and was told it was possible, though would have to double
check with either Edin or Pierre as those two seem to be up to speed
on this.

The problem you might be referring to is from those wanting to install
via "pear install" or "pecl install" (non-windows users). Here there
is no support for PHP versioning so it grabs the latest packaged code
(which may or may not be compatible for the build).


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