Hi Folks,

I'd like to petition to get Bug #11004 (WSDL Generated Does Not
Validate) and Request #10994 (Business Exceptions Data Returned to
Client) in this release.

Judging from [EMAIL PROTECTED] (sorry not sure who that is) final comment on
#11004, I think this ticket is being confused with Request #11012
(Visual Studio Consumption of SCA Generated WSDL) as suggested by the
referenced by the Tuscany ticket.  I believe #11012 should have the
Tuscany ticket associated.  If #11004 is being confused, I'd like to
raise it hear again.  The gist of #11004 is WSDL validation, and if I
am correct about this, the fix seems to be simple, and outlined in the

As for #10994, it appears that consensus has been reached on
suppressing the backtrace.  I've included a code snippet for
evaluation in the ticket that could be applied to the SOAP wrapper
(and easily adapted to the other bindings).



On Jun 11, 7:05 am, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> No, sounds like a good idea. I still have some binding documentation
> that I want to write but that won't be shipped with the release. Are
> there any of bug fixes that we need to get in.
> Simon

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