On 14 Jun, 11:22, Caroline Maynard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Matthew Peters wrote:
> > I have just checked in some changes to the SDO C++ code (thanks, Pete
> > Robbins) and a one-liner to one of the classes in the soap binding
> > which I think fix 11012 and 11004. Both the wsdl and the soap messages
> > now validate correctly with soapscope and Java Xerces, which I think
> > must be what soapscope is using (since the error messages are
> > identical).
> Matthew, I'm glad you and Pete got this sorted. Some more process stuff:
> remember to change the status of the Tuscany defect from Resolved to
> Closed, and make a note of the new Tuscany revision level (seems to be
> 546761) in the release notes. Also, although I may sound like a rusty
> worn-out gramophone, please check in regression tests for the php
> defects. It's not so much that the testcases haven't appeared yet as
> that you haven't acknowledged either of my requests that's troubling me ...


I think that creating the suggested tests is a good idea. I've seen
several emails pass by about release process and have to confess that
I don't remember the details. While I'm not a big fan of being too
process oriented our build and release is sufficiently complicated
that it would benefit from having this written down. Caroline, would
you be prepared to commit what you think the various important things
to get right are to a page up on the web site a osoa.org? If you don't
have time to do this I could extract thoughts from the email archive
and document but would be good to get a brain dump.

A note on the release. I'd like to help test it. Can I get a preview
of the release candidate before it gets posted to PECL?



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