I have just checked in some changes to the SDO C++ code (thanks, Pete
Robbins) and a one-liner to one of the classes in the soap binding
which I think fix 11012 and 11004. Both the wsdl and the soap messages
now validate correctly with soapscope and Java Xerces, which I think
must be what soapscope is using (since the error messages are

The changes do the following:

For the wsdl:
The soap:binding and soap:operation elements have moved position. It's
not easy to understand why they were not valid at the bottom but this
does make them validate.
The xsi:type attibutes have gone from those same elements
As a bonus the namespace prefix which was always tns3 is now soap

For the soap messages:
xsi:type attribute has been removed from the top level element within
the soap body

This is all in DUNLIN, but I propose to package it as a release now
(well, tomorrow = Thursday actually).

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