> I think that creating the suggested tests is a good idea. I've seen
> several emails pass by about release process and have to confess that
> I don't remember the details. While I'm not a big fan of being too
> process oriented our build and release is sufficiently complicated
> that it would benefit from having this written down. Caroline, would
> you be prepared to commit what you think the various important things
> to get right are to a page up on the web site a osoa.org? If you don't
> have time to do this I could extract thoughts from the email archive
> and document but would be good to get a brain dump.

It's not so much dumping it as keeping it running that I find difficult :-)

What we're talking about here is not really release process but 
development process. I'm certainly not intending to stand up for big 
cumbersome processes. To my mind, prompt management of Tuscany defects 
according to >their< rules is a basic courtesy to the Tuscany developers 
who are kind enough to to help us, that's all.

OTOH, this test-driven development thing was my personal response to the 
confused state that I alone had let the bug tracker get into, which took 
me a few days to disentangle. I would really like the team to stick with 
it even now that Matthew is working on SDO as well as SCA, because I do 
believe that a smaller amount of work earlier will save us more time 
later, and reduce the number of unwanted side-effects that we see.

Documenting how the project is run is a big undertaking. I think it 
would be a Good Thing, and to be authoritative, one that all the 
projects leads would need to take part in. It just so happens that I 
have on my desk right now a copy of Karl Fogel(my hero)'s book Producing 
Open Source Software, and he points to the Hacker's Guide to Subversion 
(http://svn.collab.net/repos/svn/trunk/www/hacking.html) as a good 
example of project guidelines (well he would say that, wouldn't he?). 
Would you like me to create a wiki page with the subheadings defined in 
that document? If everyone likes that idea, then I promise to contribute 
some stuff under some of the subheadings. (For more, see 
http://producingoss.com/en/written-rules.html - I love that man).

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