Michael Caplan wrote:
> I'd like to petition to get Bug #11004 (WSDL Generated Does Not
> Validate) and Request #10994 (Business Exceptions Data Returned to
> Client) in this release.
> Judging from [EMAIL PROTECTED] (sorry not sure who that is) final comment on
> #11004, I think this ticket is being confused with Request #11012
> (Visual Studio Consumption of SCA Generated WSDL) as suggested by the
> referenced by the Tuscany ticket.  I believe #11012 should have the
> Tuscany ticket associated.  If #11004 is being confused, I'd like to
> raise it hear again.  The gist of #11004 is WSDL validation, and if I
> am correct about this, the fix seems to be simple, and outlined in the
> ticket.

It was me, but only from the point of view of getting that bug processed 
according to our standard procedure for handing off bugs to Tuscany. 
Matthew had already raised it as a Tuscany JIRA, and my "contribution" 
was to update his link from 11004 to the Tuscany defect with one that 
would be clickable from within the PECL bug tracker.

The Tuscany issue: http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/TUSCANY-1297 is 
indeed the one about suppressing the xsi:type attribute, so I see what 
you mean. But I'm not sure whether the other one is also in Tuscany or 
in Matthew's WSDL generation code. I'll hope that he responds ...

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