I had a look at all these today. The nub of the problem is that both
#11012 and #11004 point at JIRA #1297. I created the confusion in the
first place when I raised Tuscany JIRA 1297 - I raised the original
JIRA with a title that presupposed what the problem was. Really the
problem is that the WSDL will not validate with visual studio,
soapscope, oXygen, or, I now discover, XERCES. There appear to be at
least two problems:

xsi:type upsets visual studio

the order of the <tns3:xxxx elements upsets XERCES

I assume, though can't be sure, because I have not tried them, that
soapscope and oXygen are upset by the second problem.

So there are two problems with the given WSDL; they are described in
pecl 11012 and 11004 respectively;  at the moment both problems are
described in JIRA 1297. I have just put a clarifying append on that
JIRA and will see if they want me to split it into a second JIRA.

And for reference:

pecl 11012 is the one about xsi:type. We could fix this in the SCA PHP
code by hunting down occurences of xsi:type and removing them from the
serialised XML. Or we can wait for Tuscany to fix this one. I last
nagged Tuscany about it a week or so ago.

pecl 11004 is the one about the existence and or order of
<tns3:operation and <tns3:binding. I believe, from my experiment with
XERCES today that it is the order of the elements. The change that
Michael supplied removes these two elements, but I don't think it's OK
to do that - it makes it validate XML-wise, but it's not valid WSDL or
at least the WSDL we want to generate.


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