On 6/15/07, Caroline Maynard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > On 15 Jun, 12:31, Caroline Maynard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >> [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> >>>   There is a new dependency, via PHP, on open ssl in the tests (deep
> >>> joy - that kept me entertained for a while - not SCA-SDOs fault
> >>> though).
> >> Not sure what you mean by "via PHP". I know that the ebaysoap binding
> >> has a dependency on openssl - and I did add a check to that binding to
> >> make sure openssl is loaded.  Are you talking about something else?
> > No, that's it. We require certain things to be loaded into PHP so it
> > would be useful to say in the docs that some tests will fail if you
> > don't have the right things loaded. It's OK that they fail but it's
> > not our fault. Good that the tests bindings are kind enough to tell
> > you.
> >> It would be useful to note somewhere  what  extensions we
> >>
> >>> expect to be turned on to get a clear test run.
> >>>         sdo
> >>>         libxml
> >>>         soap
> >>>         json
> >>>         xmlrpc
> >>>         openssl
> >>>         curl
> >>>         pdo + you favourite driver for the DAS tests
> >> A good way to do this is to add a check to the SKIPIF section of the
> >> test, so that it outputs an explanatory message if the required
> >> extension is not available.
> > Not sure about this. I was specifically thinking about the unit tests
> > which blow up if the right extensions are not available but probably
> > useful to see that as if they don't show an error people might think
> > all of the features are availalble when they aren't.
> By "unit tests" do you mean phpunit or phpt? People who are used to pear
> packages are likely to run the tests by something like:
> pecl run-tests -r
> so if we had the SKIPIF sections I'm suggesting, then they would see a
> message, for  example:
> SKIP SCA ebaysoap test [tests/SCA/phpt/nnn.phpt] (reason: ebaysoap SCA
> binding requires openssl extension)
> I would find that more helpful (and maintainable) than a para in some
> docs somewhere that I probably haven't read.
> >
> Yes, a nice helpful message there would do the trick.


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