On 19 Jun, 10:47, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> Thanks for trying that Graham. I've fix a few more things..
> 1/ I've fixed the case of the Helloworld.php?smd reference
> 2/ examples/SDO/rss-media missing. I didn't get a response to this so
> I have removed the example from the examples/SDO/index.htm.
> 3/ I've  put an example of how tests can be skipped into the ebay
> binding test. This relies on a method in the proxy  for that binding
> which performs the dependency check, so that we only have the check
> coded in one place. The proxy is not the ideal place for this but it
> is one of the few classes all bindings have. I'm tempted to create a
> specific class for this tests that all bindings can implement.
> Thoughts?
> So the failing test 4 is the last thing to fix.

I've looked close at test 04 and it does only fail when it's run from
run-tests. If I use run-tests with -verbose and cut the command out
that it says it's using that that works OK. So it looks like it's
something about the environment it's creating to run the tests in.

As an aside there is a question of why it is apparently (don't really
know that it actually is - error message appears to imply this) going
out across the network to fetch the WSDL schema in this case. Has
there been a regression in the bit of Tuscany that prevents it from
doing this when it already knows about the namespace?

I've re-run the RC1 tests on Linux and they are fine, this is OK on
windows except inside the phpt run-tests. It needs sorting out but I
don't think we should delay the next RC for it.




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