the place to fix things is in DUNLIN. Once that is right, then I will
move the code across to HEAD, create the release, and make the new

Please go ahead and fix anything you want to, then when you have
finished let me know what's left. I should have made more effort to
catch the case-related one that shows on Linux so I will sort out my
Linux system so I could have caught that one - please go ahead and fix
it though.

I agree with Caroline's suggestion:
> so if we had the SKIPIF sections I'm suggesting, then they would see a
> message, for  example:

> SKIP SCA ebaysoap test [tests/SCA/phpt/nnn.phpt] (reason: ebaysoap SCA
> binding requires openssl extension)

> I would find that more helpful (and maintainable) than a para in some
> docs somewhere that I probably haven't read.

Suppose a user wants to run the tests but doesn't intend to use the
ebaysoap binding then they don't need to load the extension. We should
not force them to load the extension just to run the tests.

In the meantime I will put the release up in the files section of this
google group.


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