Hi Anthony,

> Great!  This is very clear.  As a follow-on then, do you have multiple  
> installations of Pico Lisp on the same server in different directories  
> or multiple applications in the same /home/app directory?

Actually I have no production installation with more than one version of
picolisp. On my local development machines, however, I do have multiple
installations. 'httpGate' is only started twice (on 80 and 443) at boot,

As a suggestion for Andrei to get started, he might easily set up a test
on his free shared hosting system (in case he did not already):

1. Log into the system as a normal user.

2. Take e.g. the latest picoLisp version and extract it
   $ tar xvfz picoLisp.tgz

3. Go into the installation directory
   $ cd picoLisp

4. Build the basics
   $ (cd src; make picolisp)

5. Start the demo application in the background
   $ ./p app/main.l lib/too.l -main -go -wait >>logfile 2>&1 &

6. Try the application
   - Connect your browser to "http://sharedHost:8080
   - Login as admin/admin

7. If not needed any more, stop the app
   $ killall picolisp

- Alex

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