Hi again, Alex.

> Hi Jon,
>> > Really? In the generated HTML code? E.g. if you view the page source
>> in
>> > your browser?
>> Yes, there's no <img ...> tag in the generated page source, just the
>> "MyImg" as plain text where the tag should have been.
> OK, then I it was indeed the case that the 'file' command on the Mac did
> not recognize the file as a picture, and thus no proper tag was
> generated. This would also explain why it works on the picolisp.com
> server.
> What says 'file' if you apply it manually to one of the .d files?
>    $ file -bi db/path/file.d
> Does it return something like "image/jpeg; charset=binary"?

No, I get just "regular file", both for the .d files and for .jpg files.

If I use "file -bI" instead, I get "image/jpeg".


>> I tried to replace line 119 in wiki/er.l, "(line T) ) ) ) )", with "(msg
>> (line T)) ) ) ) )", and restarted with
>> $ ./dbg wiki/main.l lib/too.l -main -"trace 'httpEcho" -go
>> but this far I've seen nothing special, mostly httpEcho lines. I expect
>> stderr to come in my terminal window just like stdout, but I may be
>> wrong.
> Well, the 'httpEcho' is never called on an image blob, because the <img>
> tag is not generated in the first place.
> However, I would expect the output of 'msg' to be something like that
> was returned from 'file' above, when you upload an image.
> Cheers,
> - Alex

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