Hi Alex,

> Hi Jon,
>> I have also tried this with Firefox on Mac. No image showing there
>> either.
>> ...
>> I believe this probably isn't really a PicoLisp wiki problem.

I've changed my mind: I think this is a PicoLisp wiki problem. ;-)
After all, I have successfully uploaded a wiki logo and a picture of
myself to my local wiki. It's just the embedded ones, <{...} and >{...}, I
have problems with.

> The data seem to be there. So perhaps the reason is that the HTML
> generated by the server is not correct? There must be something like
>    <img src="db/wiki/blob/2/-/G.d" alt="MyImg" class="right"/>

No, I get no <img ...> tag, just the MyImg as plain text.

> This look OK for me.
> Or, is it a cache problem? What happens if you clear all chaches in the
> browser, and start the server as
>    $ ./dbg wiki/main.l lib/too.l -main -"trace 'httpEcho" -go
> Viewing that page should show
>     httpEcho : db/wiki/blob/2/-/G.d application/octet-stream 1 T
>     httpEcho = T
> when the browser requests the image.
> Cheers,
> - Alex

I have tried turning off caching in Safari, and I've tried Firefox and
Opera. When I look into the db/wiki folder, I can see no trace of the
image I tried to upload. It should have been there if the upload worked,
shouldn't it?

Is there somewhere in the wiki code I can put a debug/println line to
check what happens to the file I try to upload?


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