Hi Jon,

> > Really? In the generated HTML code? E.g. if you view the page source in
> > your browser?
> Yes, there's no <img ...> tag in the generated page source, just the
> "MyImg" as plain text where the tag should have been.

OK, then I it was indeed the case that the 'file' command on the Mac did
not recognize the file as a picture, and thus no proper tag was
generated. This would also explain why it works on the picolisp.com

What says 'file' if you apply it manually to one of the .d files?

   $ file -bi db/path/file.d

Does it return something like "image/jpeg; charset=binary"?

> I tried to replace line 119 in wiki/er.l, "(line T) ) ) ) )", with "(msg
> (line T)) ) ) ) )", and restarted with
> $ ./dbg wiki/main.l lib/too.l -main -"trace 'httpEcho" -go
> but this far I've seen nothing special, mostly httpEcho lines. I expect
> stderr to come in my terminal window just like stdout, but I may be wrong.

Well, the 'httpEcho' is never called on an image blob, because the <img>
tag is not generated in the first place.

However, I would expect the output of 'msg' to be something like that
was returned from 'file' above, when you upload an image.

- Alex
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