Hi Alex,

> Hi Jon,
>> I've changed my mind: I think this is a PicoLisp wiki problem. ;-)
> Yes, it must be somehow.
>> After all, I have successfully uploaded a wiki logo and a picture of
>> myself to my local wiki. It's just the embedded ones, <{...} and >{...},
>> I
>> have problems with.
> The difference may be that the logo and the picture in the +User object
> have the "correct" file extension. In case of the logo it is ".png", and
> for the user picture it is ".jpg".
> In case of the (embeddedable) blobs it it just ".d", to avoid any
> assumption about the type of the blob. After all, it should be possible
> to upload all kind of media in the future (currently only 'img' and
> 'video' are expected, though).

Yes, I can see several .d files in db/wiki/blob/2/-/ .

> Could it be that the browser insists on a proper file name extension?

I guess that's not the problem here. See my next comment below ...

>> > The data seem to be there. So perhaps the reason is that the HTML
>> > generated by the server is not correct? There must be something like
>> >
>> >    <img src="db/wiki/blob/2/-/G.d" alt="MyImg" class="right"/>
>> No, I get no <img ...> tag, just the MyImg as plain text.
> Really? In the generated HTML code? E.g. if you view the page source in
> your browser?

Yes, there's no <img ...> tag in the generated page source, just the
"MyImg" as plain text where the tag should have been.

> Then of course the browser won't try to download the picture. This would
> mean, however, that the 'file' command did not recognize the mime type
> of the data when the blob was built. This happens in line 118 in
> "wiki/er.l", in the update method of the '+Bin' class, which is fired
> when the binary data are set or changed.
>> Is there somewhere in the wiki code I can put a debug/println line to
>> check what happens to the file I try to upload?
> You could modify the next line (line 119) to
>    (msg (line T))
> to display on standard error what the 'file' command returns. Or simply
> call 'file' in the shell manually on your image test file.
> Cheers,
> - Alex

I tried to replace line 119 in wiki/er.l, "(line T) ) ) ) )", with "(msg
(line T)) ) ) ) )", and restarted with

$ ./dbg wiki/main.l lib/too.l -main -"trace 'httpEcho" -go

but this far I've seen nothing special, mostly httpEcho lines. I expect
stderr to come in my terminal window just like stdout, but I may be wrong.


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