Hi Tomas,

On Tue, Aug 03, 2010 at 09:16:12AM +0200, Tomas Hlavaty wrote:
> I think it depends on your definition of "less restrictive".  BSD
> licence is actually more restrictive from the users point of view,
> e.g. somebody can take it and restrict or block users access to the
> modified source code.
> ...
> Agreed, but the new licence would encurage "taking away" as opposed to
> "giving away".

I don't think so. If somebody takes it, modifies it, or does whatever
she likes, it does in no way have any influence on the existing
versions. So it does not "take away" anything. It just does not force
people to "add" their modifications.

> But if it means more people actualy using it, it might be a good thing;
> more opportunities for consulting and product development.

Yep. This is why I started this discussion.

- Alex
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