Hi Thorsten,

> > By default, 'doc' simply calls the 'w3m' browser (if neither a browser
> > is in the environment variable BROWSER, nor one was passed as a second
> > argument to 'doc').
> I do use w3m and w3m-mode for emacs, and now I exported a new
> environment variable BROWSER=w3m - and w3m seems to be on the path, since
> I get the expected output when I type 'w3m' in a shell. But
> nevertheless I get the same strange output in the emacs inferior
> *picolisp* buffer. 

Perhaps the output mode (console cooked vs. raw) is not right? Does it
behave correctly if you start it - without emacs - just from the shell

   $ pil +

in the default way?

- Alex
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