Hi Jon,

> >    2650,  //   18458: cc fcntl (C 14 Flock)
> >
> > The '14' here is the value of F_SETLKW on x86-32 Debian. It is system
> > dependent, and is perhaps different on the Mac.
> Yes, this is from my Mac's ...Headers/sys/fcntl.h:
> #define       F_SETLKW        9               /* F_SETLK; wait if blocked */
> Does this "9" explain our fcntl() problem?

If it is 9 according to the include file on the Mac, is this also the
value returned by 'src64/sysdefs', and which thus appears in the above
'fcntl' line (which is (correctly) 14 for Debian)? I mean, how do these
lines look on your system? Do they show 9 instead of 14?

If it is so, what else might be wrong with the call to fcntl()?

- Alex
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