Hi Jon,

so the only remaining issue with eum64 is currently the fact that
fcntl() gives a runtime error on the Mac:

> MacBook-Air:picoLispEmu jkleiser$ ./pil +
> [/Users/jkleiser/.pil/history:1] File lock: Invalid argument

This happens when it tries to lock the history file of the line editor
in debug mode. But it will probably also happen in other cases where
files need to be locked (e.g. in the database).

The corresponding source is line 28 of "src64/io.l":

   (code 'lockFileAC)
      st2 (Flock)  # 'l_type'
      ld (Flock L_START) 0  # Start position ('l_whence' is SEEK_SET)
      shr A 16  # Get length
      ld (Flock L_LEN) A  # Length
         cc fcntl(C F_SETLKW Flock)  # Try to lock

This boils down to (line 19477 of "src64/emu.base.c"):

          // lockFileAC:
   2644,  //   18454: st2 (Flock)
   2645,  //   18455: ld (Flock . 4) 0
   2646,  //   18456: shr A 16
   2647,  //   18457: ld (Flock . 12) A
   2650,  //   18458: cc fcntl (C 14 Flock)

The '14' here is the value of F_SETLKW on x86-32 Debian. It is system
dependent, and is perhaps different on the Mac.

The last line results in the call (line 39073):

   case 2650:  // cc fcntl (C 14 Flock)
      A.l = (uint32_t)fcntl((int)C.n, 14, (int)((uint64_t)(unsigned 

So either the value '14' is wrong here, or the whole call to fcntl().

The value of F_SETLKW is taken from the standard output of the command
'src64/sysdefs', which is compiled in the build process on the host

Anybody has an idea what is wrong? Any Mac programmer awake?

- Alex
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