Hi Jon,

> Yes, quite sure, and I have repeated the whole thing just now, with the
> latest "ongoing", and I haven't spotted a single change from what I
> reported yesterday.

That's a pity. Then I have no idea why fcntl() doesn't work :(

> The function ** is now obviously not defined in pil32 when I start it
> "globally" with just "picolisp". If I start with "./dbg", then (** 2 32)
> -> 4294967296. Why is that?

Because just 'picolisp' is not very useful by itself. It is only the
bare interpreter, without any runtime environment, and without the
fundamental libraries loaded.

Most notably, "lib.l" should be loaded, and it should be the first
argument to "bin/picolisp". In short, unless you want to do something
special or write scripts, it is always recommended to start PicoLisp as:

   [./]pil [+]

- Alex
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