Dear Raman,

> > on extremely small systems back then in Munich. However, I was reluctant
> > to mention it here, because I didn't think it was in _that_ range (i.e.
> > 128 kB (?)).
> Sure. The stm32f103re has just 64KB internal SRAM. PicoLisp can run on it.

Wow, great! I wasn't aware of that degree of smallness :)

> I remember I was also able to load pilog.l (I can check the details again
> and
> get back to you on that one).

FYI: I did some experiments for a minimal web server (loading the full
miniPicoLisp 'pil' environment plus "lib/http.l", "lib/xhtml.l" and
"lib/form.l"). It occupied about 500 kB. This was OK because we had a
limit of 1 MB.

♪♫ Alex

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