Dear PicoLisp community,

Firstly, Alex, thank you so much for PicoLisp! It has been so much fun.

Today has been such a great day! Strawberry Pil (That's certainly a nice
name!) has put me in imagination mode. Great work!

I'm writing this mail to primarily answer Jerome Moliere's questions. This
is also yet another announcement.

> am working on a connected watch project running on a very tiny
> hardware (MCU running a Cortex ARM 3 from ST microelectronics).
> I'd like to know if you have experience running PicoLisp in such
> environment ?

Of course, you can run PicoLisp on a microcontroller; Specifically on an
ARM Cortex clone such as stm32f103re (stamp module[1]). It is basically
mini PicoLisp on bare metal (modified of course).

I'd like to announce Alcor6L [1], a project launched by SimpleMachines,
Italy [2] which aims at providing PicoLisp for MCUs (among other things).
It provides complete hardware support for Mizar32 [3] (and other Cortex
clones). The system provides a software interface for interactively and
incrementally programming microcontrollers in PicoLisp. One can access
all MCU peripherals with PicoLisp. For instance, take a look at this
hello-world in PicoLisp [4].

Similarly, this is how one could use a PWM in PicoLisp [5]. I could also
write to a 16x2 LDC in French like this [6]. Alcor6L on Mizar32 is also
well documented [7].

I have a tiny Lisp machine at home around Mizar32 and PicoLisp [8]. It
connects to a VGA monitor and a keyboard. I use it to do most of my
prototypes. You can see the tic-tac-toe (written by Alex) running on it [8]
(Also, please notice the *Love Lambda*. Thanks Sergio!). Yes, it could
also run the game of life. It has a shell and also a tiny vi [9] clone for
editing code. I've also been trying to port an emacs clone for the MCU.
So far, no luck.

> The OS would be NuttX (RTOS).

This is certainly possible. I've been able to run PicoLisp as a task in RTX.
(a CMSIS compliant RTOS). Running PicoLisp within NuttX should be very
possible. It would also be nice to wire the the OS specific sections. At the
moment, PicoLisp on bare metal can't do any OS specific calls. We're
also actually seriously considering NuttX for Alcor6L.

Please give us your suggestions on Alcor6L. Jerome, please let us know
if this work if useful to you.

I've put Sergio in CC. He made SimpleMachines, Mizar32 and Alcor6L

Good weekend!



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