Dear Raman,

> > FYI: I did some experiments for a minimal web server (loading the full
> > miniPicoLisp 'pil' environment plus "lib/http.l", "lib/xhtml.l" and
> > "lib/form.l"). It occupied about 500 kB. This was OK because we had a
> > limit of 1 MB.
> Wow! Fantastic!
> But just a question. Since miniPicoLisp doesn't come with support for
> sock or other system specific functions, how did you manage to get
> "lib/http.l" to work with it? Am I missing something?

Sorry, I didn't fully explain. These experiments were only about
determining the size, by loading slightly modified sources into standard
miniPicoLisp. The target system would have had dedicated hardware to
interface with, but the project didn't get of the ground (yet?).

♪♫ Alex

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