Hi Geo,

> Yes! i was able build the image and immediately tried it using my USB
> stick, it's working!!! but I'm stuck at "Checking long mode".. maybe
> because I'm trying it under an Intel i3?


That's interesting! i3 is a 64-bit CPU, right? So the check for long
mode doesn't work? I would at least expect an error message.

The checks are done in "pilos/x86-64/beg.l" starting from line 32. If
the checks were successful, it should next print "Initializing memory".
Otherwise, we should see "ERROR: CPU does not support long mode" or
"ERROR: CPU has no local APIC".

Normally, all those messages are not visible, because the boot is so
fast that they are overwritten quickly.

♪♫ Alex
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