Hi George and Alex,

> Yes! i was able build the image and immediately tried it using my USB stick, 
> it's working!!! but I'm stuck at "Checking long mode".. maybe because I'm 
> trying it under an Intel i3? Let me try it with my AMD machine back in my 
> room and feedback to you how it goes... this is great!!

I ran into the same message when trying to boot PilOS on an Asus UL30A,
this machine has a core2duo cpu.

Alex, you already got the following results, I'm just reposting them to the list
as well.

I have tried PilOS on the following machines:

*Acer Aspire One 722, AMD C-60 cpu
Everything works fine on this machine.

*Lenovo Thinkpad x201i, i3 cpu
Fails with the message "READ ERROR 08"

*Lenovo Thinkpad x230, i5 cpu
Fails with the message "READ ERROR 01"

*and finally the Asus UL30A, Core2Duo cpu
Does not get past the message "Checking long mode"

Best regards,

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