On 13/08/10 14:12, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
> Now that there is a separate thread on cdbs vs dh, perhaps someone could
> give me some feedback on my pd-motex package which happens to use dh.
> I'm ready to fix whatever needs fixing.

THe changelog mentions that it is a non-maintainer upload. That is
certainly an error. Make sure that the names in debian/control and
debian/changelog are byte-for-byte identical.
Also, as we are a team, we set the maintainer field to the list, and
your own name as Uploaders.

The descriptions formatting is a bit ugly, and you might want to use
double space before each element of the list of math functions (to
preserve formatting).
The short description should give an indication of what the externals do.
Also, somewhere in the description should the pd name be expanded into
puredata (for people searching for puredata and people not knowing what
pd is).

For debian/copyright.. has motex really been untouched since 2001?

The example should go into /usr/share/doc/pd-motex/examples.

Similar to the discussion on pd-zexy, is something needed to use motex?
If so, you should document that in README.Debian.

Felipe Sateler

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