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On 14/08/10 17:03, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
> On Fri, 2010-08-13 at 14:43 -0400, Felipe Sateler wrote:
>> On 13/08/10 14:12, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
>>> Now that there is a separate thread on cdbs vs dh, perhaps someone could
>>> give me some feedback on my pd-motex package which happens to use dh.
>>> I'm ready to fix whatever needs fixing.
> First off, thanks for the feedback, quite useful!  I've also applied
> these changes to the other packages I ITP'ed.
>> THe changelog mentions that it is a non-maintainer upload. That is
>> certainly an error.
> Removed.

The version number is still incorrect (x.y debian revisions are used for

>> Make sure that the names in debian/control and
>> debian/changelog are byte-for-byte identical.
> They were as far as I could tell, did you see a difference?

No, but usually dch uses the NMU template when the names differ.

>> The short description should give an indication of what the externals do.
> Some of these old Pd libraries are random grabbags of things that are
> just collections created by the same author.

OK. But the new description now in place is better.

>> The example should go into /usr/share/doc/pd-motex/examples.
> The 'examples' folder is part of the standard library format for Pd
> libraries, so it needs to be in the library.  A .pd file is something
> like a .svg or a .ps: it is a text file, but its not human
> readable/editable in a useful way.  Really a .pd file is more like a
> binary like .elc or .pyc than a text file.  So I am not sure it is so
> useful in the /usr/share/doc/pd-motex/examples directory.
> Also, Pd users will expect the examples to show up in the Pd library
> browser.  Do you think it would be useful to
> make /usr/share/doc/pd-motex/examples a link to the examples in the
> library folder?

Where is that library browser? I can't find such a thing in my installed
copy of pd (debian's).

>> Similar to the discussion on pd-zexy, is something needed to use motex?
>> If so, you should document that in README.Debian.
> The instructions in pd-zexy/README.Debian are not Debian-specific and
> nothing about the Debian packages require users to load libraries
> differently than on other platforms.  IMHO, Pd users are better off
> using the official Pd docs on how to load libraries rather than
> maintaining many different README files for each library that can easily
> get out of date.

So, maybe the pd-zexy README should be removed?

I'm not a pd expert, but if I install some extensions, I expect to be
able to use them right away, without having to invoke pd with special
args. I'm getting the impression that we are not living up to that

Felipe Sateler

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