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>On Fri, 4 Aug 2017, King Beowulf wrote:
>> Altough Rich has resolved this with moving to Calligra (part of KDE),
>   Reverted.

This discussion prompted me to search for alternate office suites for
Linux, but after looking at the options LO is the only one that will
use Zotero, essential for academic writing these days. So I will stick
with it in spite of the Type 1 font issue. I don't even know why I
leave them installed, as I never use them anyway.

>> TrueType and Opentype, especially, are the new "hotness", ...
>Of these two, might there be a reason to select one over the other? In my
>case the use is on a single platform.

OTF is just a wrapper around either a Type 1 or a TrueType font to make
it cross platform. The real reason is that Adobe realized that the days
of Type 1 fonts were numbered and they would soon have to offer their
font library in another format. At the time the only alternative was
TTF, which meant that Adobe would have to offer all their fonts in two
formats. OTF was the solution. 

In addition, OTF offers some features not available in either Type 1
or TrueType, most notably offering optional glyphs, e.g., if the font
contains true small caps, old style numerals, true fractions, and
ligatures, a program can add a feature where the user can just turn on
the optional glyphs for a selection of text. At the time InDesign was
the only program to offer this feature, but nowadays Scribus can also do
it. No office suite has this ability yet, as far as I know.

Even if your Type 1 fonts have no optional glyphs I would still go with
OTF. It is the way of the future.
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