Happy happy! I don't need a new monitor!

I finally broke down and went to Fry's where I got an HDMI > DVI
adapter. I plugged it into the monitor's DVI connector and then used my
HDMI cable to connect it to the motherboard's HDMI output. When I
booted the computer it came up with OpenSuse that Tomas had installed
while we had it on the TV at Free Geek. (OpenSuse hangs and won't
finish booting, but I'm going to replace it anyway.)

Once the monitor gets what it thinks is a DVI signal the Menu button
works - that is, it sort of works because I can't find the option to
change the input from DVI to HDMI. But at least the monitor is not
hopelessly broken, as I feared before.

Now I need to get it to boot to a USB stick, but it insists on trying
to boot OpenSuse. According to the motherboard manual it's an AMI BIOS,
but I can't get into it. Every magic key that I tried fails to bring up
the BIOS. And the motherboard manual fails to state what the key is. At
the Clinic Tomas mentioned that the motherboard manual sucks. He was
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