On Mon, 19 Feb 2018 17:25:32 -0800
John Jason Jordan <joh...@gmx.com> dijo:

>Now I need to get it to boot to a USB stick, but it insists on trying
>to boot OpenSuse. According to the motherboard manual it's an AMI BIOS,
>but I can't get into it. Every magic key that I tried fails to bring up
>the BIOS. And the motherboard manual fails to state what the key is. At
>the Clinic Tomas mentioned that the motherboard manual sucks. He was

If I wasn't stupid and blind I'd have figured this out, because the
instructions were right in the corner of the monitor - F11 for boot
options, F2 for UEFI.

But in spite of the fact that UEFI is disabled, it won't boot anything,
not a DVD or USB stick with Xubuntu, not OpenSuse on the SSD drive,
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