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>One issue I have run into with a 4U server is that the BIOS was
>configured to only output on the on-board VGA output.  This despite
>having a PCIe graphics card.  Since you are relying on the on-board
>graphics you may want to get a VGA monitor long enough to alter your
>BIOS settings.  Obviously last Sunday you had a working system.  What
>type of display device did you use to complete the build?

Free Geek may have some monitors with HDMI or DisplayPort, but they
were not easily locatable, so we used the TV screen mounted on the wall
in the room we use for the Clinics. The only connectors on the
motherboard are HDMI and DiusplayPort, so we used one of them, probably
HDMI. (I'm not the one who plugged it in.) I can't connect VGA without
some kind of adapter, but if I had one my ASUS monitor has VGA, HDMI
and DVI. Except that I can't get the Menu to work on the monitor so I
can't change it out of DVI. 

This morning my head is clearer and I have decided to just buy a new
monitor. The ASUS is, after all, seven years old, and new ones are not
terribly expensive. 
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