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Yes, but we did not have any monitors with HDMI, so we connected it to
the big TV screen on the south wall of the room. I was not the one who
connected it, so I don't know what kind of cable/connector was used.
but it did work, so at least I know that the video output from the
motherboard is functional. It has two connectors - HDMI and DisplayPort.


  So the issue is monitor or cable. That's good to know.

I thought the thrift store changed to being open on Mondays. On the other
hand the roads here are frozen and my only vehicle is a two-wheel drive
pickup - the worst vehicle ever for traction. I do have chains, but
they're a PITA. And I have homework to do for class tomorrow at PSU. And
if I run out of that there is always housecleaning.

  Could be open today; I assumed the store was open only Tu-Sa, but I've not
been there for a while.

  Roads aren't fun here in the east, either.

  Germane to your pickup truck, take a look at <https://shurtrax.com/>. I've
a 4wd, 3/4-ton pickup and crossed the Blue Mountains on I-84 during a
late-April blizzard a number of years ago, but it wasn't fun. Snow's OK, but
with ice it doesn't matter how many wheels are driven, they all slide. Extra
weight in the bed helps in all seasons. When the roads are dry but rough
(such as Portland's potholes) the weight keeps the back from bouncing

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