On Tue, Mar 6, 2018 at 9:36 AM, Eric Olsen <falc...@gmail.com> wrote:
> not Linux-related, I apologize, however we're a group of experts so I'm
> hoping someone here will have an answer.
> I have Utopia, I got in when they would allow paying a (reasonably) higher
> price to own the hardware rather than lease it. The hardware is limited to
> 100Mbps, and Utopia is upgrading their infrastructure. To take advantage of
> this Utopia is providing an upgrade, but for lease - I may have read
> there's a way to purchase, but this option is a couple/few thousand dollars
> (for a $100 piece of hardware plus installation?).
> I'm hoping there's a way I can get the connection to work without
> leased-hardware, or paying thousands. I purchased a Ubiquity fiber gateway,
> if it doesn't work I don't mind buying the same hardware Utopia is using.
> The old hardware had a weird way of connecting the fiber - it didn't have a
> standard connector, you had to strip the fiber and hook it in directly
> somehow. So I need a connection that will fit the new hardware. If you know
> someone who is good at terminating fiber I'd appreciate if you'd pass along
> their contact info, or pass mine to them.
> Also, if you're familiar with Utopia and know this won't work please let me
> know before I break it and have to have them come out and fix it (and
> probably force me into the lease).

Here's a whole bunch of random thoughts that may not be helpful at all.

I would guess your speed is throttled to what you are paying for and
it's not only hardware dependent.  I had the 100M connection, then I
jumped to the 250M which required a hardware swap like you are
talking.  For Xmission customers, I believe they moved everyone to the
new hardware and 250 mb no matter what their original plan was (no
price change).  I later switched to 1gig and that involved simply a
configuration change on their end -- no hardware change (that leads me
to think it is throttled somewhere).

I also know they have some configuration ability of the device in your
house.  There are multiple ports on that device -- one may be
configured for voip (if you're buying that service from them) while
another is configured for straight internet.  It's also interesting
that they seem to be house address specific and less 'who are you
specific' so I'm guessing they are tying a physical hardware device to
an address.

Anyway, that's a long way of saying you may get their new device for
free and still be at your current speed and then you would need to pay
more for more speed.  If you're not on Xmission with Utopia -- check
it out.  It will make you smarter, better looking, and more popular.


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