> Thanks for the thoughts, Chris. I am on XMission as well. I forget if it
> was in a chat with their tech support, or in one of their announcement
> emails, but they informed us that the lowest speed would be 250M for the
> same price, but to get it would require a hardware upgrade otherwise I'm
> limited by my hardware to 100M. I looked into it to verify that my gateway
> is limited to 100M, it's an Allied Telesyn (Telesis?) AT-iMG646BD, and it
> is.
> Thanks,
> Eric F. Olsen

I thought the announcement said that everyone was getting the hardware
upgrade regardless and that you could jump to the front of the line
for an equipment swap for $50.  I'm not on the monthly deal with
Utopia so I don't know exactly how that works.

It sounds like you're making the assumption that you're connection is
a 250M connection and is only limited to 100M because of your hardware
and NOT because Utopia has you configured at 100M and wants more money
to give you more speed.

If using your own hardware is really an option, I'm sure Xmission
support would tell you.

Chris Wood

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