First, Thank you for this. It is really a very nice and well integrated
product. Everything works for me but for some reason I don't seem to be
able to match the current RP Web stream playlist with anything playing
using the V2 Flac plugin.

That's a known issue, and absolutely expected behaviour. According to Bill the two will always drift off. As I noted in the announcement.

Not even in the 24 hour playlist. I read that
what plays can be delayed 45 minutes. But in this case I am not matching
the playing playlist to any sequence for the past 24 hours in the RP
website playlist. I must be missing something.

That seems a bit worse than expected behaviour - unless you were skipping tracks quite often. That's possible on the FLAC stream, but not in the "real time" stream. Otherwise I'm just asking RP what to play, and it would tell me (or the plugin) what to play. The plugin does not assemble the playlist.

If it's important to you to be in sync with what is going on on RP's web player, then you'll have to stick with the lossy streams.


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