mherger wrote: 
> > Hi - It seems that the song duration returned from CLI when using flac
> > is a random very large number.
> How do you query it? Using "status" I would get the correct duration. It
> might be larger than expected as RP is sending groups of tracks as one 
> chunk. Eg. one "track" as being played could be three actual tracks, 
> totalling 10 minutes or more.
> Can you give more details, exact query, what you get in return etc.?
> -- 
> Michael

It's a songinfo query like that "songinfo 0 10 url:%s tags:cfldatgrKN".
Here is a raw response

  "id%3A-105182152 title%3ASnake%20Song coverid%3A-105182152 
album%3APoet%20-%20a%20tribute%20to%20Townes%20Van%20Zandt duration%3A149000 
artist%3AEmmylou%20Harris bitrate%3A737k%20VBR%20FLAC"

I've seen that in flac mode, RP groups songs by chunks, but the value I
got returned is always between 100000 and 300000 (and seems random). I
don't know if I make the query too early or what, I do it after LMS has
send a "strms" (play). it never happened before with my bridges and
on-line streaming and here it's systematic. 

The fact that a track is grouped by 3 tracks is fine, as long as the
duration is correct, I will still hold the STMd acknoledgement the
proper amount of time.  I 'll add again the edits I did to my first post
as I know you use an email aggregator, so you probably missed them

> So the stream request for the next track might start way before the
> current track finishes, and as consequence, the HTTP connection for the
> next track might be stalled for a while. Unfortunately, Deezer does not
> like that and closes the connection. As a workaround, I do not send the
> "end of decode" untill I'm close enough to the end of the current tracK.
> I don't like that hack, but Deezer gave me no option. But if the
> duration is wrong, then, the end of decode is never sent.
> [edit]: it seems that this is the same problem with RP and flac. When I
> request the next track to LMS as soon as everything has been sent to the
> CC, there is a gap of ~1min between this event and the CC's HTTP request
> (it buffers a lot). As a result, I get ~5MB streamed from LMS and then
> it closes the connection, causing quickly after the CC to stop by lack
> of data.

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