mherger wrote: 
> Are your players synced? Then yes, the weakest rules.

ralphy wrote: 
> The mac Squeezeplay does not support aac, so you would only see flac and
> mp3 options.
> For completeness, the windows, linux and solaris squeezeplay builds do
> not support aac either.

Thank you! Yes, I see now when SqueezePlay is synced with the others
then they all drop AAC. 


mherger wrote: 
> ...could you please tell me what URL you're playing (click 
> the title in the web UI)?

OK, the problem was: I wasn't playing it. Now I am playing it, the URL
is radioparadise://4.flac, and when I'm in Home > Song Info then "Play
Something Different" and "Enable Radio Paradise HD Images" are there. 


After playing it for a minute or two, those items also appear in the
Home > Radio Paradise menu, along with the FLAC and AAC streams. There
is apparently a delay until they appear, and a delay until they go away.
That's OK! it's not confused, I am. Or was. All good now. 


The above images are the web interface as presented in Squeezelite-X, by
the way. 

Overall this plugin is fantastic, and I'm sure I speak for everyone here
when I say THANK YOU for getting us access to the RP FLAC stream.

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