mherger wrote: 
> I think this is a bug/inconsistency in LMS which is exposed by RP's 
> grouping of tracks: songinfo would return the metadata incl. duration 
> for the currently playing "song", while status would return the duration
> of the LMS internal track object (which would be several songs), no 
> matter what the song's metadata was. And then I don't even know whether
> the behaviour you'd expect (that of the "status" query) was correct or
> not.
> Would you be able to use status instead of songinfo? Otherwise you'd 
> have to rely on the user installing whatever LMS version fixes/changes 
> the behaviour, at the risk that his inconsistency would break other 
> uses, where somebody relies on one or the other behaviour...
> -- 
> Michael

Isnt't that the problem of "status" is that it gives me only the
currently playing song but what I need is (except when starting) the
next song which I can only get using songinfo?

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