ant! wrote: 
> According to this, squeezelite is in the audio group, but
> logitechmediaserver isn't. Should it be, since the addon runs in the
> logitechmediaserver and not in the squeezelite player? Any other users
> which should be in the audio group?

IN general, any user which accesses audio hardware has to be in the
"audio" group.  Depending on distro there can be more than one group
related to audio so I can only give generalities - your system may

LMS is run by logitechmediaserver user.  When invoked by waveinput
plugin "arecord" accesses the audio hardware "hw:1,0".  The waveinput
plugin runs "arecord" in a process owned by logitechmediaserver so 
logitechmediaserver has tpo be part of the audio gourp/.

You need to understand difference between users and executable.
The executable file which is the player squeezelite can be run by any
user - that user has to be part of the audio group.  
You also happen to have a user called squeezelite which is part of the
audio group. 
If the executable squeezelite is run by logitechmediaserver it will not
work (e.g.possibly via LocalPlayer plugin).
If the executable squeezelite is run by squeezelite it will work.

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