callesoroe wrote: 
> There seems to be problems with Erlands SQL playlist plugin in 7.9 . I
> can create new playlists in SQL playlist plugin, but if I use the option
> to "ignore songs played last XX days" then it fails with a Database
> error.
> If I do not use this option then it works fine.
This may well be the same problem as reported before.  If you have the
'Free Text Search' plugin installed, remove it and try again.

LMS 7.9 on VortexBox Midi box, Xubuntu 16.04, FLACs 16->24 bit,
LMS plugin UPnP/DLNA Bridge to MF M1 CLiC (to A308CR amp & ESLs) &
Marantz CR603 UPnP renderers.  
Alternatively Minimserver & Upplay to same & to upmpdcli/mpd PC
Squeezelite to Meridian USB Explorer DAC to PC speakers/headphones.  
Wireless Xubuntu 16.04 laptop firefox/upplay or Android 'phone with
Squeeze-Commander/BubbleUPnP controls LMS/Minimserver.  
Also a Touch with EDO, plus spare, unused.
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