I would like to deactivate Trackstat on just one of my players (more
precisely, I would like to turn off automatic rating on that player, but
I'd be fine turning trackstat off completely if there is no other way).
>From what I can see, none of this is possible via the UI, right? In that
case, I'd like to submit this as a feature request. Any chance of that
being implemented?

*Server*: LMS 7.7.5 on a ReadyNAS Ultra 2
*Players*: Radio, Touch, Duet (Receiver & Controller), Boom,
Squeezeplayer on iPad 2
*Remote control apps*: iPeng (iOS), SqueezePad (iOS), Squeezecontroller
*Important plugins*: Trackstat, Spicefly Sugarcube, Lazy Search Music,
Switch Player, SmartMix, Custom Browse, Spotify (Logitech and Triode)
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