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> On Tue, Aug 29, 2017 at 05:00:34PM +0200, Mathias Gumz wrote:
>> > Currently I have set the "sql_history" and "sql_refresh_time" to 60s. I 
>> > wonder,
>> > how the algorithm works. "sql_refresh_time" seems to scan the cache and, if
>> > needed, writes/updates an entry in the current bin. But what exactly is
>> > "sql_history" doing? Will there be only "one" entry of a certain flow 
>> > which is
> Essentially sql_history makes stamp_inserted being added to the key. So,
> yes, this will ensure only "one" entry for a certain aggregate during
> the time-bin.
>> Also: currently I am trying to write to a new table every hour. So, I have
>> tables events0, events1, events2 etc. I have established a SSH-session which
>> crosses the full hour (which started 00:55 and ends 01:05). I received the 
>> NAT
>> event 4 for the created TCP connection in events0. The closing event (NAT 
>> event
>> 5) for the session is also stored in events0. My expectation is events1. Why 
>> is
>> that?
> You have tables events0, events1, events2, etc.: is that the actual name
> of the tables or just an example where 1, 2, etc. should be replaced by
> a timestamp filled in by pmacct? Also, basing on what assumption would
> you expect one event to go in events0, the other going in events1? Based
> on time?

sql_table[natev]: events_%H

I started the SSH-session at 0:55, the event is stored in events_0. The 
SSH-session ends at 1:05. The hour part now would be "1" (events_1) but the 
events_0 table is used. As you outlined above, the reason for this is that the 
"stamp_inserted" field is used (at least that is my understanding).

How can I enforce the desired behaviour to store the events in (effectively) 
"timestamp_end" / "stamp_updated" based tables? Do I need something like 
"sql_history_roundoff" or "nfacctd_pro_rating" (which would split the 
transmitted bytes over all involved bins evenly?

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