> I see now. Can you try with 'nfacctd_time_new: true' It will cause
> time-binning to use arrival time of the flow to the collector (that
> time should be reasonably close to flow end time and stamp_updated).

Exactly that is what I switched to and it does its job. :)

Since I don't use it for real accounting, I per se don't have any use
for "sql_history". But since I need "sql_history" to trigger the
working of the dynmic tables, I initially went with 1s resolution. For
whatever reason: This did not work or better: I don't see any data in
any bin. I since then increased the "sql_history" config option to
"60s" (and "sql_refresh_time" is also set to "60s").

Last question so far: Why am I not seeing data in the database when
using "sql_history: 1" (or "10")? I have both "sql_history" and
"sql_refresh_time" set to the same amount of seconds.

Thanks in advance,
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