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On Tue, Sep 05, 2017 at 03:05:55PM +0200, Mathias Gumz wrote:

> Exactly that is what I switched to and it does its job. :)

Great :)

> Last question so far: Why am I not seeing data in the database when
> using "sql_history: 1" (or "10")? I have both "sql_history" and
> "sql_refresh_time" set to the same amount of seconds.

In super short, you can't set time-bins below 1 minute, anything below
that will be rounded up to 1 minute (and you should get a log message
about that). Also, you need a time unit: no '60' but so '60s' or '1m'.
This all said, reviewing the code handling time units in secs (a more
recent introduction compared to time units in minutes and above) i have
found a bug, just fixed by: 


Do you really need time-bins of less than 1 minute? If yes, can you
comment (here or via unicast email) your use-case for that? Consider, i
guess i'm stating the obvious, time-bins are different than purging
interval (sql_refresh_time) which minimum value is 1 (sec).


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